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I'm Suraj Chiplunkar

My friends would call me an accessibility enthusiast, food lover, and hiker. For me, design is a service towards humanity and beyond. I am looking for full-time opportunities in UX/Product Design. Please let me know if you think we could work together!

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Image of me working in HCID Studio at Indiana University.
Featured case studies
Interactive image of Create Item Menu in Action
Create Item Menu
May -Aug 2019
UX Design for helping users discover the most suitable content creation option while creating spatial data on ArcGIS Online.
Interactive image of drawing basic shapes with Drawxi board
Sep 2018 -Jan 2019
Product Design of an accessible drawing tool enabling collaboration between sighted and visually impaired individuals in STEM education.

For research in accessibility to enable eyes-free web navigation and relevance scanning through Voice/Language/Speech.

India, 2015

Championed drafting of intellectual property documents to protect the accessibility concept Direction Unlock which is a gestural unlock method.

Capstone booklet
USA, 2018 -2019

An accessibility research study on audio signifiers for screen readers or voice assistants to enable eyes-free web navigation and relevance scanning. This project is funded by Mozilla Research Grant 2018.