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I'm Suraj Chiplunkar

My friends would call me an accessibility evangelist, hiker, and food lover. For me, design is a service towards humanity and beyond. I am actively looking for full-time opportunities in UX/Product Design. Wanna know more?

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Caricature of me flying on a paper plane.
Case studies
Image showing Redesign of create menu for enhancing discoverability.
Enhancing discoverability by menu redesign
UX design for ESRI, USA.
Audio signifiers are used to convey current status of the website. To mark important or new content. To convey events, hierarchy, or placement. To grab user attention when errors occur.
Facilitating eyes-free skimming of web content
Research by design for Mozilla, USA.

For research in accessibility to enable eyes-free web navigation and relevance scanning through Voice/Language/Speech.

Championed drafting of intellectual property documents to protect the accessibility concept Direction Unlock which is a gestural unlock method.

Icon representing award and honors.